Private Jet to Ibiza

Private flight to Ibiza

Taking the private jet to Ibiza is a beautiful way to spend a weekend. It is advisable to fly with a light jet or jet medium aircraft. The airport has a short runway and does not allow the landing of the large jet aircraft. This is why it is preferable to use a light jet or a medium jet aircraft.

What should you need to know when arriving to Ibiza?

To travel from the Ibiza Airport to any part of the city, the PM-801 motorway is used.

Top 5 Reasons to hire private jet to Ibiza


Surprise surprise, Ibiza’s nightlife is one of the main draws to the island. With award-winning international dj’s fighting to play there, the world’s biggest clubs and most famous bars, if you’re looking to party then Ibiza is the place to go. We’ve got the lowdown on the island’s best bars and top Ibiza clubs so you make it to all the best fiestas. Visit Ibiza Nightlife for more information.


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