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Just imagine lifting into the sky and becoming whisked away to another location in the luxury of a private jet. Start enjoying your flight from the very first moment and let us drive you to your destination on time and with comfort. Fly instantly to your destination without problems at the crowded air port terminals. Taking private jet plane will be a good idea at the business trips as you will be able to work all the way through your travel itself. Your travel destination bookings can also be taken care of by your concierge. Also, we will try to offer you any service or amenity needed.

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How much does charter flights cost?

The cost of flying by private jet depends on flight time, aircraft hourly rate, positioning sectors (where the aircraft is flown empty before or after the passenger sector) and airport fees. To find out how much it costs to fly by private jet, use the private jet cost calculator, which gives all-inclusive price estimates for any global trip. All prices that you receive from our network are fully inclusive, there are no hidden costs.

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Private Jet FAQs

How do I get live quotes for my private flight?

Once you have submitted your flight request to our online booking system, you will instantly get an estimated quote for your flight. For flights in Europe and the USA you can expect a final offer to be returned to you within minutes. Requests for larger airline aircraft and for flights in particular regions of the world, the response time may be longer.

How big is your fleet of private jets ?

A complete and wide range of latest aircraft, that can combine maximum operational efficiency to usage simplicity in the utter safety. We always put at our client’s disposal a wide fleet to offer more choices: from small and maneuverable aircraft such as Light Jets to bigger and more powerful air vehicles like Medium and large Jets to fly with higher standards of comfort and cover longer distances.

Can I buy a seat on a private aircraft? offers private jet charter, which means the hire of the whole aircraft. The charter price for the aircraft does not change if you fly alone or with every seat occupied. The only slight variation in cost will be when airport passenger tax is applied on the flight. Each country has different regulations for passenger tax and this will be fully explained during the quoting process.

I've missed my scheduled airline flight. How quickly can I get a private jet?

Private jets can be organised very quickly, depending on the location of available aircraft. This can be as quick as 30 minutes from your flight request or may take longer, subject to availability and your location. You just need to submit your request to our online booking form for private jets and you will receive an estimated quote instantly.

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