The Luxury of a Private Aircraft

Flying aboard a private aircraft does have it perks. There is a definite reason that the affluent and famous enjoy traveling on a private jet. As a matter of fact, sometimes they demand it as the only way they will travel. Some of that preference may be convenience or the innate security of traveling on executive aircraft, but the luxury cannot be denied. Whether that aircraft is owned or chartered, flying privately is the ultimate in luxury.

The first luxury one would notice about traveling on a private jet is the roominess. Now, this isn’t the same roominess one would see on a 777 super airliner. Although, when boarding the 777 airplane all that room may seem like a lot, but after the plane has 300 to four hundred people crammed into it, one does not have that much room. On an executive plane the reverse is true, getting on it may feel small, but once seated and in the air the extra wide seats with all the legroom is luxurious when compared with the major airlines.

The next luxury that flyers gain is all the amenities that come with private aircraft. The aircraft can be appointed with a huge number of options. Private owners can give a plane any customization that they can afford and the aircraft can handle. Some have full baths, complete bedrooms, massive entertainment centers, individual video displays, and much more. Private charters have all the previously mentioned amenities and many aircraft are suited for the business traveler with workstations, conference areas, printing and communications centers. Both owners and charters have private galleys that can serve custom refreshments while in-flight. Then there are the restrooms that only serve the few passengers and not the hundreds on-board a commercial flight.

Another luxury enjoyed by private aircraft travelers is peace. And that comes in two forms. There is the peace of mind as a private flight is all about the traveler. The flight does not leave until the passenger has arrived and is ready. No having to arrive early, no missed flights, no cancelled flights, and no connections. Plus, all luggage travels with the passengers, so no lost luggage.

Then there is the simple peace in flight. The only passengers on-board are the ones one invites. That means no crying babies or unruly children. No being stuffed next to strangers with questionable hygiene or medical conditions. Again the flight is all about the singular, principal passenger. One gets to travel in complete peace.

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